Lynn Buess, MA, EdS
Leading Numerologist, International Author and Speaker, Wellness Innovator and Therapist

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If you are in a 1 Personal Year-The chaos, social break down, and economic uncertainty places you in positions this year where you will need to be strong and take charge in situations where others falter. You are curious and stimulated by spiritual events taking place. Issues of harmony with Higher Will enter into your experience more frequently. You journey in the outer world and you journey in the inner world. You study both ancient treatises and more contemporary authors in an attempt to better grasp the interaction of changing dimensions and time lines. This can lead you into the healing arts as many around you will be suffering. As you learn to more effectively channel the flow of higher energy through yourself, you will want to teach others how to do the same. You have been recently haunted by strange dreams and eerie episodes of imagination. Perhaps you have seen visions of angels or great light beings. Perhaps you just feel like your imagination has gone awry. It is very possible that are being bombarded by new archetypal energies coming in at this time. If you do not know how to handle all of the input you may want to find a teacher or guide to assist you. If you are in a 2 Personal Year-The stimulation of new energies coming into the planet empower and energize you. It can be actually troubling to the less awake and evolved, and there will be negative reactions by many. You will need to put your skills of negotiation and tact to the utmost use. You could easily overreach and overextend yourself to the increased social negativity. It is helpful to get feedback from a trusted third party or professional in order to get perspective and guidance to keeping your own inner peace intact. This is an important time to sort out money matters as you will want to be flexible soon in order to adjust to the unstable and troubled financial markets. You are awakened and stimulated creatively on many levels. Keep documentation of ideas and inspirations that transpire at this time. It can be timely to follow through on your hunches and inspirations. You may be asked to speak before a large audience. It is time to take a stand for your beliefs and principles. This can be a powerful learning cycle, and you may want to get some schooling to improve upon developing new abilities. If you are in a 3 Personal Year-You can be dreamy, dreary, disillusioned and delighted as this month takes you through a roller coaster of emotions and moods. You are sorting out some of your deeper depressive moments and learning to release the anger underlying these negative feelings. A penchant for the exotic can lead to a most unusual sexual encounter of a spiritual kind. Do not overlook talents that come into expression during this time. Your life may be temporarily turned in an unexpected direction by the emotional turbulence in society around you. You will soon be introduced to a new culture as the result of a contract with an associate of a mysterious kind. Technology and equipment are important now and knowledge of electronics or engineering principles can be very useful. You are torn between personal ambitions and the needs of someone close to you who is demanding of your time and attention. This is a good time to separate being helpful from being an enabler. You can get manipulated into an emotional cobweb that drains your emotions and prevents you from taking care of healthy emotional relations. If you are in a 4 Personal year-Momentum is going your way now as efforts meet minimal resistance and accomplishment comes more easily. Be careful not to become overly enamored with your good fortune and sabotage what you might get done. You can break through old fears of success and move beyond previous family levels of accomplishment. It is not easy to see all that has been put into the planning and preparing leading up to this moment of achievement. You will be called upon to be disciplined and steady this year as more chaos and instability develop around you. You can clear up issues with your father and other male archetypal energies. Physical exercise is emphasized during this cycle. You feel rewarded from within for many deeds done well. You experience a greater connection to the One and flow more harmoniously with the tides of universal change. This is a good cycle for making some solid social contacts and for gaining recognition. You enjoy a special moment with a partner who has impacted your life in a very important way. If you are in a 5 Personal Year-You find yourself moving in a different social direction from your past family tradition. Your intuition is on target and you make the right moves. Follow your hunches at this time and you will be accurate beyond the normal. You could be called upon now to assume a larger role within an organization. The latest responsibility can involve a much more active public role that places you out in the center stage. Flexibility and adjustment become a key this year as social break downs become more obvious. The shifting mood of public opinion makes the time right for you to speak out more and become active in social change. This is a favorable cycle to focus upon preparing and presenting a creative work that you have been working with for a long time. You have been hesitant to reveal some your finer talents and ideas. Now is the time for a more favorable reception. Your poignant message is now revealed in a way that reaches the collective social angst without stirring up controversy If you are in a 6 Personal Year-You may feel as if you are taken off course as this month develops. What appears at first to be a sidetrack turns out to introduce you to something very important that needs to be learned if you are to take the next big step in your life ambitions. Try to be patient with seeming setbacks and learn from the experience brought to your attention. You are stirred by creative urges awakening within your heart and soul. Music and rhythm play a key role in helping to keep your settled and within yourself. Someone out of your past comes back into your life and brings information that can be very helpful. Pay attention to the throat and lugs during this cycle. You can be a little repulsed and perhaps even a bit cynical with all of the triviality and superficial so important to many of society. You take some time to retreat and rejuvenate your spiritual furnace along with tending to your physical needs. You have an idea for doing something a little unconventional by current social standards. However, you may find that there is a more receptive mood to your idea than you had previously believed If you are in a 7 Personal Year-This is a transitional month in your personal and professional growth. Seeming setbacks may continue as this year unfolds. Perhaps spirit want to move you in a new direction. There is a lot of release work to be accomplished at this time. You have known for some time there are blocks in the way of getting what you want out of life. Now you can more readily get to the subconscious roots and get rid of these patterns of resistance. The right moment is coming for you to speak out your wisdom and truth as an unsteady society falls further into turbulence. Before this month is over you may find yourself taking a most extraordinary mystical journey through time and space. Your mind and intuitive imagination are more active than usual and this is an excellent time to refine and revise creative aspiration flowing through your consciousness. A kind of different and mysterious person enters your life under strange circumstances and disappears with similar mystery leaving you intrigued and searching for something deeper in life If you are in an 8 Personal Year-The events of this month tend toward being more light hearted and zesty. Your zeal for life (inner and outer) seeks to better grasp the meaning of your existence and come to some sense of integrative focus. Mystical vision blends into mundane experience as you learn to regulate subtle energies flowing through your body and soul. You experience an inventive inspiration that can result in a transforming product that eventually comes to life. Your leadership and organizational skills will be called upon as the social fabric becomes more unstable and people erratic. A chance comment by a passing stranger can prove to be a major clue in your current quest. This can be one of your more accomplished periods of the year. Your best organizational skills can come to the fore if you concentrate upon what needs to be completed. You get assistance at just the right moment when a talented compatriot stops by and lends a helping hand. It may be that someone is taking advantage of your talents and not giving you fair compensation for the amount of benefits they acquire your efforts. If you are in a 9 Personal Year-Family matters can take up much of your attention for the moment. You must assist loved ones with troubling complications. It becomes clear that you are reliving a very similar karmic situation from the past. This time you can do some healing work for yourself and for others. In a time of social worry and despair you have part of a vision that brings both hope and purpose of direction to many. You feel inspired and invigorated by unseen subtle forces moving in and around you. This input of universal upgraded energy coming into the planet stimulates archetypes within you and moves you toward positive changes for all. There is much to gain by being astute and active in your social encounters during this cycle. The probability of meeting important social contacts is high and the opportunity to expand your level of social recognition is very favorable. This period encourages discretion, discrimination and discernment in your manner and language. It might take some time before you find out just how much you impressed someone who can be important to your future.